Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A string of nothings and then Laos

I have been staring at my laptop for the past one hour, but got nothing done. Tight deadline. But nothing done. Think I am mentally exhausted...earlier, I spent two hours in the evening surfing about trans-siberian rail journeys. It's times like these where you feel like dropping everything, pack your bags and leave.

It was the pits today. Gotta call from her. She needed money again. But I actually ignored her today. Enough is enough....How much help can you offer someone? Where are the boundaries? Should you be blamed if her kid's sick or she's out soliciting "business"? How can you help someone if the person doesn't even help herself? Had enough of the excuses. Ditto.

Hmmm....basically just random string of nothings. Anyhow, I just returned from a trip to Laos. A place where simplicity is at its best. Friendly people. Cheap and good food. You'll feel like you are transported to an era where technology is pretty much non-existent (okay..exaggerating here..). Well the good thing, time is always on your side. You don't see hoardes of people on the streets, plentiful cars on the roads..just good ole rustic nature offering its best. I love Laos.

Oh...I really tried a bug. Haha