Saturday, October 18, 2008

Durrow Life

Our brain works in a complexed manner. A sound, a sight, a book can trigger a slew of memories. Even driving down a somewhat familiar road can result in thoughts about the "Life's What-Ifs", conversations in a last meeting, my next holiday destination etc. It's a love and hate thing when I'm in such a state. I basically can't do any work for hours.... This was how it all started.

I was listening to Power 98 and was driving home. This guy called Trent Williams from Perth, Australia was on the radio and was crooning to his fave personal songs. Pretty talented I thought.. Hmmm... he is from Perth, reminds me of the days when I was studying. The Durrow Gals and the Durrow Life.....

Our first yachting trip

The Durrow Girls

Me working on my laptop....

Our Batmobile

My College Park

Head back to work man....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hell I have not been writing..

Hectic is an excuse...But it has been difficult for me to find time to blog. Even if I were to blog, I would be penning the mundane, the usual and I would be droning on how challenging it would be to juggle between work, friends, and family.

As it is, parts of my life have been in whirlwind. Currently working on multiple projects. Not too sure how this works out in the long run. But I'd gonna try. Makes it even harder when there are expectations stemming from all sides. Anyhow, I'm gonna look at it postively and hopefully bring some light to myself and to my existing dispiriting work environment.

Nevertheless, recent events have been encouraging...Friends from Brussels and KL visited Singapore and me trying to be a good host, brought them to Sentosa and Clarke Quay etc...

It's really heartwarming to see friends whom you have not touched base for a long time and even more amazing to know how friendships withstand the passage of time. That's what I love about life. Raw and unpredictable....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A string of nothings and then Laos

I have been staring at my laptop for the past one hour, but got nothing done. Tight deadline. But nothing done. Think I am mentally exhausted...earlier, I spent two hours in the evening surfing about trans-siberian rail journeys. It's times like these where you feel like dropping everything, pack your bags and leave.

It was the pits today. Gotta call from her. She needed money again. But I actually ignored her today. Enough is enough....How much help can you offer someone? Where are the boundaries? Should you be blamed if her kid's sick or she's out soliciting "business"? How can you help someone if the person doesn't even help herself? Had enough of the excuses. Ditto.

Hmmm....basically just random string of nothings. Anyhow, I just returned from a trip to Laos. A place where simplicity is at its best. Friendly people. Cheap and good food. You'll feel like you are transported to an era where technology is pretty much non-existent (okay..exaggerating here..). Well the good thing, time is always on your side. You don't see hoardes of people on the streets, plentiful cars on the roads..just good ole rustic nature offering its best. I love Laos.

Oh...I really tried a bug. Haha

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A bus ride

Realised that I have not been updating. The past year has been somewhat fulfilling and at times, heartbreaking.

Fulfilling in a sense as I made more friends, continued my travelling adventures, accomplished and learnt much at work, and also, solidified relationships with friends and family I care about.

On the other side of the bridge, I had to bade farewell to a relationship I held closely to. We were in different stages of our lives. We had different goals and were from different cultures. I'm not sure whether it was a hasty decision when we left off at the airport but it sure was heartbreaking. I once was told that life is like a bus journey. People enter your life, similar to the passengers in the bus. Some passengers enjoy the bus ride with you and thus, they linger a little longer. Others come and go. But ultimately, many passengers alight. We are basically left with the memories and imprints of each departed passenger.

No matter what, the bus journey must continue. Friends get married and have kids. Some get promotions at work. Babies are born and people die.

As for us, it's unfortunate that we had different destinations. But I now know that your bus journey will be an amazing one, one that follows your dream and I too, will follow mine. =)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happiness Research

Happy. Received an email today from a person from Canada who was interested in my paper.

"I read with interest your research paper involving a survey ofstudent happiness published in International Review of EconomicsEducation. I was contemplating doing something similar here some monthsago, but you have appeared to beat me to the task. Would it be possibleto obtain a copy of your survey - perhaps if I implement it here inCanada we could try some cross country comparisons. "

Kambate Grace. Hopefully all is good for the coming year!