Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hell I have not been writing..

Hectic is an excuse...But it has been difficult for me to find time to blog. Even if I were to blog, I would be penning the mundane, the usual and I would be droning on how challenging it would be to juggle between work, friends, and family.

As it is, parts of my life have been in whirlwind. Currently working on multiple projects. Not too sure how this works out in the long run. But I'd gonna try. Makes it even harder when there are expectations stemming from all sides. Anyhow, I'm gonna look at it postively and hopefully bring some light to myself and to my existing dispiriting work environment.

Nevertheless, recent events have been encouraging...Friends from Brussels and KL visited Singapore and me trying to be a good host, brought them to Sentosa and Clarke Quay etc...

It's really heartwarming to see friends whom you have not touched base for a long time and even more amazing to know how friendships withstand the passage of time. That's what I love about life. Raw and unpredictable....

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