Saturday, October 18, 2008

Durrow Life

Our brain works in a complexed manner. A sound, a sight, a book can trigger a slew of memories. Even driving down a somewhat familiar road can result in thoughts about the "Life's What-Ifs", conversations in a last meeting, my next holiday destination etc. It's a love and hate thing when I'm in such a state. I basically can't do any work for hours.... This was how it all started.

I was listening to Power 98 and was driving home. This guy called Trent Williams from Perth, Australia was on the radio and was crooning to his fave personal songs. Pretty talented I thought.. Hmmm... he is from Perth, reminds me of the days when I was studying. The Durrow Gals and the Durrow Life.....

Our first yachting trip

The Durrow Girls

Me working on my laptop....

Our Batmobile

My College Park

Head back to work man....

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