Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rare relaxing weekend

This is one of those rare relaxing weekends I have been craving for ages. No fuss about work, just spending quality time with myself and company of close friends. Jen, Shermay and I went to this Viennese Cafe (was featured in the papers today) last night and sampled typical Viennese food...Gulasch, schnitzel, knodel!

Sighs. Not going Japan the coming week. Travelling will only begin in End September.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Last minute news: I will be heading to JAPAN for work next week!!! I don't even know which city I'm going. But we'll see...


Attended the HPAIR dinner at the Ritz Calton Hotel. Sylvia Lim made an interesing speech, arousing much applause. Gotta keep this entry short...too much work recently. Shucks.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

HPAIR 2006

This years's HPAIR is held in Singapore. It was a good opportunity to meet up with old and new friends. Well, we were at the NUS Central Library Forum for the International Night. Followed after, we went to Da Paolo @ Rochester Park for some drinks and coffee...good place to chat and snooze.

One of my Comtemplative dronings again..

Recently, I feel as if I have no control of my life. I am fearful of what the future awaits me. Sleepless nights. Drowning in coffee. The uncertainty of life is daunting yet appealing. Gone are the days when things are pretty much pre-planned. You go to elementary school, receive an education and then go to college. After that, when you become responsible of your own life choices, that's where shit can happen or amazingly good shit can happen. Pretty much a gamble (better to be calculated gamble). Many times, I question my decisions or actions. There is a drawback being a Risk Consultant. You conjure too many life's possible risk scenarios. You weigh benefits and costs, you consider likelihood and impact of each life scenario...I have become risk adverse and perhaps, someone who thinks too much.

I wanna be carefree!!! heheh....Whisk me to the Bahamas, somewhere by the beach with a lovely cocktail where few possible life risk scenarios can happen.
1. Tsunami. Run!
2. A coconut dropping on your head.
3. Tattooed, bearded balding man who sweeps you off your feet (eee..hah)


How about another scenario? Picture this:

You and I,
Years and years from now,
Cruising along some coastal highway with the top down,
Stereo blasting,
The winding whipping our hair.
Whatever we want to do,
We do it.
No agenda, no schedule,
Nobody else to worry about.
We travel the country,
Buying silly postcards,
Stopping at tiny roadside cafes in search
Of the world's best blueberry pie.
No Hurry.
No Rush.
Relaxing in the comfort of a lifetime of companionship.
You and I...
Lovers, friends, partners
on this road of life.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A mad rush

Hah...just realised that it has been a long time since I wrote anything here. Life has been centering work recently. But I do go for the occasional coffees.

Time has passed quickly over the years. Innocent jolly conversations that I once had years back have evolved to serious domesticated topics. At my age, 25 turning 26, almost three quarters of my peers are yakking about marriage plans, buying flats and furniture shopping. Topics which I can't really identify and at times, find boring. This discourse is strange as I seem to be a step lagging behind. I have no idea why everyone is in a rush to cross the next phase. Even my parents are cajoling me to settle down soon. Is this the Asian mentality?

Anyhow, I have friends visiting Singapore in the coming week. Gotta be a local guide again! Hehe....