Friday, December 15, 2006

Company's Dinner and Dance

My department has full of talents...we have breakdancers, singers and back-up singers (hah..that's me), taiji masters. Totally enjoyed ourselves on stage butI have to admit we are not professionals. But who cares. b

Some of you may know Chin Teong. He went on stage as one of the top three best dressed, danced to some indian music and ended the night winning the third prize! Is he lucky or what?!?!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I watched this in the US recently. BORAT!!! Freakin funny.....and slapstick (luv the crappiness). For those of you who wanna have a good unwind from work...this is the movie.


Je suis tres fatiguee!

Yes...Christmas season is coming. Finally. But I am boggled with work and other miscellaneous stuff (shopping, organizing my department's Christmas party, singing in TAGALOG with some colleagues, rehearsals, meetings, preparation for Monty's arrival ....). Yawnnnnn........ boss approved my leave to stay the weekend for my upcoming trip to Fremont again. Haha....very nice.

Tis the season should be jolly (and tire)..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back Home...Singapore

Each travel has its story and chapter. Similarly, this trip to San Jose brought with me fulfilling and learning experiences. Within the two weeks, I realised and appreciated how important interpersonal relationships are. With no car and no eating places within 1 km radius (quite handicapped) , I am blessed to have friends and clients who unrelentlessly brought me out for meals. Natalie brought me out for dinner meals every night and even when she had to go to Sacremento for training, her sister, Huiyan brought me out, which was a totally enjoyable experience. This may sound over-emotional, but I saw plentiful goodness in the old and new friends I made. It was sweet and comforting to witness an encounter of how love transpired in the weirdest and unexpected manner, how a father took great care of his son, and how a younger sister worries the well-being of her older sister.

Just feel fortunate to have friends like that......=) Really means a lot. Natalie, if you are reading this, luv ya.....looking forward to seeing you again!

Monday, December 04, 2006

How I love Petrie !!!

Petrie is my favourite dog of all time. I got to love pugs because of Petrie. Ugly to many, adorable to me!!! Look at her and her fur coat! haha....The last time I saw her was four years back. Right now, she's fat (with all the folds of meat) and when she walks, her swaying stride with that huge butt is a comical sight. Pearlene, get a pug instead!

Welcome to la maison!

Have you watched MTV the cribs? Where Natalie lives encompasses all the ooohhhs and aaaahhhs...This mansion is up on the hill, overlooking the city. In the night, it's really pretty and romantic.

More meals

French Toast in the Morning at the Country Inn and Steak, Broccoli and fried onions for dinner at Daily Grill!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Decorations at Union Square

Look at the Victoria Secret's paper bag that I'm holding..shows you how much shopping I did..haha..


Paintings by Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian at the SF MOMA =)

Bay Bridge and Thai Lunch

We crossed the Bay Bridge, before making our way to lunch at San Francisco. Sampled some spicy beef noodles!

Ramen in the cold weather

Always good to indulge in some ramen in this winter...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where I live

This is where I live, amidst the hills, the industry plants and the construction. Hardly any civilisation and I kinda miss the city life where there is so much buzz. I NEED TO SEE PEOPLE...TONS OF THEM..hah.. So San Francisco, here I come!