Sunday, February 10, 2008

A bus ride

Realised that I have not been updating. The past year has been somewhat fulfilling and at times, heartbreaking.

Fulfilling in a sense as I made more friends, continued my travelling adventures, accomplished and learnt much at work, and also, solidified relationships with friends and family I care about.

On the other side of the bridge, I had to bade farewell to a relationship I held closely to. We were in different stages of our lives. We had different goals and were from different cultures. I'm not sure whether it was a hasty decision when we left off at the airport but it sure was heartbreaking. I once was told that life is like a bus journey. People enter your life, similar to the passengers in the bus. Some passengers enjoy the bus ride with you and thus, they linger a little longer. Others come and go. But ultimately, many passengers alight. We are basically left with the memories and imprints of each departed passenger.

No matter what, the bus journey must continue. Friends get married and have kids. Some get promotions at work. Babies are born and people die.

As for us, it's unfortunate that we had different destinations. But I now know that your bus journey will be an amazing one, one that follows your dream and I too, will follow mine. =)


David said...

Airports are always the worst places for emotional feelings anyway.

I agree there is a reason that everyone enters your life but it is not always easy to work out why. I hadn't read your blog for five months due to changing computers and holidays but it would appear I didn't miss much content. :)

Oliver Wang said...

Relationship in life does not come easy, good or bad. I am sure you have gained a lot from the past. Welcome to a new episode of life.